Costa's Wasaga Cottages

"What happens in Wasaga Stays in Wasaga"

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Available Cottages

Luxurious Trailer on The Beach

Looking for a camping experience without any hassles at the beach, we've got you covered. Introducing you a fully equipped luxurious RV trailer that comes with a modern kitchen and bathroom. 1 private bedroom with king bed, 2 sofa beds,1 double bunk bed, tv and a fireplace. This trailer also has an outdoor stove as well as a Bluetooth system for your music​

Cuddly Cabins

If you enjoy small gatherings of 2-4 people then these cabins are for you! Perfect for spending a fun weekend in!


Costa’s Wasaga Cottages, We cater to Adults, Proms, Bachelorette, Stags, Millennials and Reunions. Good for family or gatherings of 8-10 people.


Our very comfy and cozy lofts available for family or gatherings of 5-6 people.

Special Occasion Bookings